Alt Stores

These are the stores returned by alt.createStore, they will not have the methods defined in your StoreModel because flux stores do not have direct setters. However, any static methods defined in your StoreModel will be transferred to this object.

Please note: Static methods defined on a store model are nothing more than syntactic sugar for exporting the method as a public method of your alt instance. This means that this will be bound to the store instance. It is recommended to explicitly export the methods in the constructor using StoreModel#exportPublicMethods.


(): object

The bread and butter method of your store. This method is used to get your state out of the store. Once it is called it performs a shallow copy of your store’s state, this is so you don’t accidentally overwrite/mutate any of your store’s state. The state is pulled from the StoreModel’s instance variables.



(handler: function): function

The listen method takes a function which will be called when the store emits a change. A change event is emitted automatically whenever a dispatch completes unless you return false from the action handler method defined in the StoreModel. The listen method returns a function that you can use to unsubscribe to store updates.

MyStore.listen(function (state) {
  assert.deepEqual(MyStore.getState(), state);


(handler: function): undefined

This can be used to unbind the store listener when you do not need it any more.



(): undefined

When you manually need to emit a change event you can use this method. Useful if you’re doing asynchronous operations in your store and need to emit the change event at a later time. Or if you want to emit changes from across different stores.